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Time spent in the sun without sunscreen, smoking, drinking, make-up routines, and even genetics can all take a toll on how our face looks as we age. So while beauty starts inside, restoring naturally glowing, healthier, younger-looking skin becomes an important way to reclaim our self-identity and bolster our confidence.

Surgical options are ideal for some, but lengthy downtime and painful recovery make them undesirable for others. Think non-surgical options take too long or won’t provide the results you truly desire? Think again! Introducing TriBella™ for Venus Versa: a three-in-one non-surgical facial treatment with fast, long-lasting results.


What makes Tribella different is the combination of three powerful non-surgical treatments into one total beautifying session resulting in healthier, younger-looking, truly age-defying skin. That means smooth, glowy skin in less time, and visible results from day one. So what is Tribella and how does it work? TriBella combines three separate applicators to improve overall facial tone, elasticity and texture. It’s tri-modal, total facial rejuvenation. So what are these three applicators and what do they do?

1. SR Intense Pulse Light (IPL) applicator is for photorejuvenation
2. DiamondPolar applicator is for anti-aging
3. NanoFractional IF™ applicator is for skin resurfacing

When combined, these three treatments provide the most comprehensive non-surgical facial option available, with fast results in less treatments. TriBella’s advanced technology provides cooling comfort as the treatments are applied. Overall, your appointment will take less than an hour and a half, and depending on the intensity of the treatment, total downtime is between three to five days.

While results are visible after one treatment, most people experience the most ideal results after three treatments that take place every four to five weeks. 

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